Leagion - the best scorinator out there (not really)

Leagion has the distinct honor of being the first published Java-based scorinator. Leagion has the these days completely expected functions like working with leagues of different sizes and supporting elimination style tournaments. The features it has these days include:

Leagion development was started in 2004 after NationStates World Cup 13. Before WC13, scorination happened with a number of crude means: with dice, Excel, and whatever strange spreadsheet program Kaze Progressa used back in the days. Tbles had to be generated manually. That meant the scores took a long time between generation and posting and hosting a world cup involved not only dealing with the usual antics but also having to create and upgrade league tables for all groups. Well, I was lazy and when applying for hosting WC13, did not want to do that. As such, I created a program called WC13.java for the world cup, which I co-hosted, which created results and league tables for the qualifiers and after adjusting the source, the cup proper. The program was hard to use, had a tendency to eat its input files and to do anything with it, you had to adjust the source code. It sufficed for one world cup, but was a temporary solution even with a patient co-host. This was why the entire project was binned and a completely new scorinator was written called leagion. People back then thought it was a typo. it was not, the name stems form the fact it did not have fixed in sourcecode league sizes but can generate legions of leagues. The program was a success. Comparatively speaking. It not only created a new genre of software, it also created the word scorinator. As such, I would consider it somewhat like the Beatles are to me: not particularly enjoyable but relevant because of what they inspired others to do.

Leagion runs on every machine which has a JDK. Despite my hopes that the thing runs without specifically compiling it for every OS, you do still have to compile the Windows version seperately because it has this weird ideas about how lines should be ended. If you can find someone to pre-compile it correctly for you (which I dislike doing because I like that OS from Redmond about as much as Bill Gates likes Linux) you can use just a JRE.

Leagion is hosted at Github. Yes, not by me, New Drakonika is the current maintainer. Because reasons.

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